Our Venue

Thirty One West is a live music venue in Newark, Ohio opening the fall of 2016. Our mission is to unite our community through art and music and showcase local, regional, and national talent in the creative arts through collaboration and partnership with local artisans, restaurants, musicians, and educators.

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There is nothing so stable as change. - Bob Dylan
With multiple ballrooms and theaters built in the early 1900’s, Newark gained a nickname “Little Chicago”.  Throughout the years some of these spaces have burned or have been torn down.  We are proud to have saved one. The Ballroom is a 500-cap standing and 250-cap seated room with versatile arrangements, making it ideal for all mid-sized events ranging from rock shows to weddings. Our room is equipped with the latest tech specifications to ensure high-quality live sound as well as professional audio and video capture capabilities. Downstairs is a 50-cap bar and lounge, called the “Bootlegger,” with a smaller stage for more intimate performances.


The building was originally built in 1902 and served as a dance hall and meeting space for Oddfellows.  From the 1930’s through the 1970’s it operated as a furniture showroom for the Stewart and Alward Company.  From the mid 80’s to 2012 the space was occupied by local caterers and used for weddings and private parties.

Thirty One West is a group of individuals who have spent their lives in the music business.  Fueled by a passion for creative and thought provoking artists, Thirty One West is dedicated to introducing quality music, known and unknown, to Licking County and beyond.